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2022 Meet Details Now on-line!

Halloween ABC Grades Sprint Meet
Sunday, 30th October 2022

Meet FAQs
1. What car parking is available at the meet?
  There are plenty of parking spaces close to the venue, a good number right beside the complex.
2. How do I enter?

All entries are via the online entry system at www.openmeets.co.uk . Entries submitted by individuals/ families will incur a £1 non- refundable Administration fee. Payment by BACS transfer, must be made before the Meet, once entries have been accepted.

3. My entries are wrong. How do I get them corrected?
  Contact your club meet entry secretary and let them know. They have direct access to the entries on-line and can make any corrections.
4. Can I get my entries reseeded at a faster time?

Yes, up to midnight, the night before the Gala. However, the programme will go to print 2 weeks prior to the gala, so any times updated after this time will not amended in the programme. You must send your updated times through your club. Please do not send them in directly.

5. How do I know which session I am racing in?
  Your session is given on the entry lists for your club on this site. Choose the entry list by swimmer and find your name. Start sheets will be provided to Coaches/Team Managers at the start of each session.
6. What time is warm-up?
  Ah! The eternal question. Warm up times are as follows:

Morning Session
Warm up 08:00 – 08:45hrs
Session Start 09:00hrs

Afternoon Session
Warm-up: 13:00 – 13:45hrs
Session Start 14:00hrs


Boys/ Girls individual warm ups TBC, dependent on the number of entries per session, to allow space in the pool.



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