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Halloween Meet is Back ... Entries Open Now!

Halloween ABC Grades Sprint Meet
Sunday, 31st October 2021

Meet FAQs
1. What car parking is available at the meet?
  There are plenty of parking spaces close to the venue, a good number right beside the complex. Pay and Display parking charges are in operation. The hourly fee will be 90p for all vehicles. Car parking is normally free on Sundays

Use of the car park will be monitored by the Council's car park attendants and people who do not obey the parking regulations risk being issued with a £60 standard charge notice (reduced to £25 if paid within 7 days). Parking out of the parking bays will be classified as an offence.

Customers taking part in activities or purchasing refreshments at the complex will be able to reclaim their parking charge, up to a maximum of three hours. Refunds can be obtained at the reception desk or the Cafe Vibe. Refunds can only be given in multiples of 80p (90p from the 1st of April). Check with reception on your arrival to see what concessions are available on the day.
2. Where do I send my entries to?

you should email the entry forms to entries@sasharks.com and post the fees to: Julie Hirst, Sanibel, Main Street, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster DN7 1PN

3. My entries are wrong. How do I get them corrected?
  Contact you club meet entry secretary and let them know. They have direct access to the entries on-line and can make any corrections.
4. Can I get my entries reseeded at a faster time?
  Yes, up to two weeks before the event as this is when we finalise the programme and go to print. However, you must send your updated times through your club. Please do not send them in directly.
5. How do I know which session I am racing in?
  Your session is given on the emntry lists for your club on this site. Choose the entry list by swimmer and find your name.
6. What time is warm-up?
  Ah! The eternal question. Warm up times are as follows:
Morning Session
Girls Warm-up: 08:00 - 08:25 hrs
Boys Warm-up: 08:25 - 08:50 hrs
Start: 09:00 hrs
Afternoon Session
Warm-up: Girls Warm-up: 13:00 - 13:25 hrs,
Boys Warm-up: 13:25 - 13:50 hrs
Start: 14.00 hrs
7. Why are you only accepting email entries?
  This meet gets very full. We usually have more than 1600 entries from 30 clubs with more then 400 swimmers. Transcribing all these entries from paper forms takes many long hours, usually late at night. Inevitably errors creep in. Using the new forms only will speed up the process and eliminate errors taking your data into the meet system. The new forms have the added benefit of working out all the fees for you and completing the summary sheets.


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